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Goodbye, split ends!

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Hello our lovely Luxy friends,

Oh, split ends. We’re all familiar with them. What causes them? How do we get rid of them? How do we prevent them? Here’s a quick blog post on how to keep your hair healthy and split ends-free.

Why do we get split ends? 

Split ends are a sign that our hair is not receiving enough nutrients, and thus becomes brittle and dry. Some other things that can cause split ends are:

  • Using hot styling tools and blow drying hair regularly
  • Chemical treatments such as bleaching, dying and perms
  • Improper techniques for detangling hair
  • Harsh towel drying 
  • Unsuitable hair products that are full of drying agents
  • Lack of regular trims

How to get rid of split ends?

Well, our beauties, as much as we don’t want to hear this - we cannot cure a split end once it happens. The only way to get rid of it is to cut it.

If it isn’t trimmed, the hair will just continue breaking higher and higher along the hair shaft, causing the hair to look frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. Hair products may help to conceal them temporarily, however, only routine maintenance such as small trims every 6-8 weeks will keep your hair healthy, strong, and split-ends free.

How to prevent split ends?

The best remedy is, of course, keeping your hair nourished and moisturized. Although it is not likely to avoid split ends entirely, here are some steps you can take to minimize them as much as possible:

  • Keep hair nourished and moisturized (what to eat for healthy hair here)
  • Always use heat protectant before using hot styling tools
  • Use sulfate and alcohol free hair products
  • Towel dry your hair gently - do not harshly twist and wring it
  • Be patient and gentle when detangling your hair
  • Use deep conditioning masks to keep your hair moisturized (you can try a DIY one here)
  • Most importantly: get regular trims to prevent split ends and have healthy hair

Last but not least, healthy and strong hair is a result of how you care for it. One of the most important factors is still a balanced diet and drinking lots of water - and we cannot stress this enough! Love your body, love your hair, and it will love you back :)

What are some some things you do to prevent split ends? Do you have any personal hair tricks you’d like to share with us? Comment below!

Have a beautiful day,


Luxy Team