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Not Your Average Bobby Pin

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Hi darlings!

For many of us, bobby pins are a must hair accessory. They are perfect and simple way to secure a bun, pin up our bangs, or hide the hair away from the face. 

Today, we want to share some fun and creative ways to use your simple bobby pins to make an ordinary hairstyle - extraordinary! 

First things first… did you know?

The right way to use a bobby pin is with the wavy side down.


Make super cute designs with your bobby pins to add some fun. 

  • Try out this lovely looking triangle by pinning two bobby pins at opposite angles, and securing them with one at the bottom.
  • Or perhaps a snowflake?
  • How about this funky arrow-like design? To achieve this bold look, pin a bobby pin at an angle, and then simply slide another one in at an opposite angle.
  • Criss Cross time! Create Xs along the side of your head to achieve this cool look.
  • Why not add a hashtag ;) Perfect for securing a waterfall braid! #bobbypinfun
  • Multiply them, line them up! Instead of using one bobby pin, try putting at least 4-5 or more for this distinguished look!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Use light-coloured bobby pins for darker hair, and dark-coloured bobby pins for blonde hair in order for your creations to stand out more.
  • DYI idea: Why not use some nail polish to get some funky coloured bobby pins? 
  • You can also add other fun details like glitter, pearls, jewels, or flowers onto your pins for sparkly accents.

Be sure to share your own tips and tricks with us, as well as your fun bobby pin recreations on our Facebook page, or by tagging #luxyhair on instagram :) We are so excited to see!

Much love,


Luxy Team