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Lazy Curls For Lazy Days

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Let's admit it. We all have lazy days when we don't feel like putting too much effort into doing our hair. For days like those, I use my Lazy Curls method. I thought of this curling method recently when I was trying to simplify my other heatless curls technique (check it out here) and it has quickly become one of my favorites. This curling technique only takes 5 minutes to curl your hair and then you just have to either dry your hair with a blow drier or wait for it to dry. Minimum work for maximum effort!  Haha! I also show you in this tutorial how I apply the same curling method to my Luxy Hair Extensions (I'm wearing the Ombre Blonde set). Not using heat on Hair Extensions prolongs their lifespan, so it's a win-win. 

Give these Lazy Curls a try and remember to tag us on your photos with #luxyhair. We're so excited to see your recreations.