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Double Braid with a Trick

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Want to learn a new hair trick? I've got one for you today. I've been working on creating this really cool and ahem...complicated half-up, half-down hairstyle recently and instead, I came up with the idea of creating this super fun and simple double braid, with a special trick! 

My hair is slowly fading and getting lighter with every sun exposure and wash, which I'm quite happy about. I love lighter hair for summer. Now I'm mixing two of my Luxy sets when I wear extensions - Ombre Blonde and Ombre Chestnut

Watch the tutorial to learn the hair trick and make sure to share it with a friend! :) 

For this hairstyle, all you will need are a few hair elastics and bobby pins! 

Step One: Pull your hair to the side you would like your braid to be on, and separate the hair into two sections. 

Step Two: Starting with the outer section create a three strand braid and secure it with an elastic band.

Step Three: Gently pull on the inner half of the braid to create small loops.

Step Four: Move to the other section of hair, and start a three strand braid. 

Step Five: As you make your way down the braid, take the section of hair closest to the looped section of the first braid, and weave it through the loop. 

Step Six: Continue weaving sections of hair through the loops as you make your way down the braid. 

Step Seven: Secure the braids together with an elastic band. 

Step Eight: Carefully fanout the second braid, for extra volume. 

Complete Hairstyle by bobby pinning any hairs that need to be pinned down.