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Heatless Magazine Waves

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Are you ready to see a magic trick? Today I'm going to show you how to create beautiful, soft, mermaid waves using pages from your magazine. That's right... I'm not kidding. It really works and it looks absolutely beautiful. This technique was inspired by my friend Kat, who apparently has been doing this on her hair since she was a little girl. How did I not know about this trick?! 
I tried this on my hair, while I had my Luxies on (I wore my Chestnut Ombre set) and it was very easy to curl both. Oh, and the best part of course is that these curls are heatless, hence no damage to your hair or the extensions. Enough talk, just watch the video now to learn the trick. Remember to share it with your girls, because sharing is caring and who doesn't love beautiful wavy hair? :) 

As always, I love hearing your feedback, so leave me a comment down below and share your recreations on Insta with #magazinewaves

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