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3 Easy Ways to Get Big Sexy Curls

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Have you ever wondered how other girls get those big, sexy curls that somehow still look very effortless and natural?

We’re pretty sure everyone wants to know ;) If you’re on a hunt for a technique that will achieve beautiful and voluminous curls, you need to watch this video.

Our friend Karin shows three different ways to curl your hair, and one of them is even heatless. They’re super simple, so once you get a hang of them - say helloooo to gorgeous soft curls!

Karin wears her Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions for extra volume and highlights in her hair, but these curling tips definitely work for medium and shorter hair as well.

Which curling technique is your favorite? Try them all out and let us know how it goes by sharing a photo of your recreation with #luxyhair on Instagram. We love seeing your photos and always feature our favorites on our Instagram account.

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Luxy Hair Big Sexy Curls
Luxy Hair Big Sexy Curls